Balancing Between Heat and Humidity

Balancing Between Heat and HumidityIf you feel like you’re constantly battling chapped lips and dry, itchy skin in the winter, you’re feeling the effects of dry air. Cold air naturally holds less moisture than warm air. Unfortunately, the effects of dry air don’t just stop at chapped skin. If you don’t have adequate humidity in your home, the dry air may be doing damage to your belongings and your pocketbook.

The Hidden Effects of Dry Air

While cracked, itchy skin is annoying, you can usually fix it with some lotion. This isn’t the case with the other things in your house that dry air may be damaging. For example, if you own leather clothing, bags, shoes, or furniture, they may dry and crack if exposed to too much dry air.

Another common area to see damage from dry air is your wood furniture, flooring, and other fixtures. When dried too much, wood will crack or shrink.

You may also find that the coughing and sinus irritation that’s associated with colds and allergies are worse when the air is dry.

The Hidden Costs of Dry Air

There’s a good chance you’re spending more on your energy bill than you need to if your humidity levels are too low. This is because your body is designed to cool off through a process of moisture – sweat, for example – evaporating off your skin. Dry air sucks up the natural moisture in our skin. Not only does this lead to itching and cracking, but also to feeling cooler. By simply raising the humidity in your home, you can keep your family comfortable at a lower and less expensive temperature.

Maintaining a Consistent Level of Humidity

Adding humidity to your home isn’t too complicated. Simply adding a plug-in humidifier like you’d use to treat cold symptoms won’t be very effective. The humidity is concentrated in the area of the humidifier and the level of moisture can’t be controlled. A whole-home humidifier allows you to control the moisture in every room in your home.

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