Can a Humidifier Help During Winter?

Can a Humidifier Help During Winter?Adding humidity to your home in the winter is one of the best-kept secrets for upping HVAC system efficiency, while eliminating irritating dry conditions that may affect your skin, nose, throat and eyes, as well as conditions such as asthma and allergies. And one of the best ways to produce more wintertime humidity is by installing a humidifier.

Why You Need High Humidity in the Winter

When discussing humidity, it’s important to understand that warmer air holds more moisture, while cooler air holds less. That’s why in summer we feel warmer when it’s more humid: perspiration does not evaporate as effectively when the air is saturated. But in winter it’s a different story. The colder, drier air in our homes, which is further dried out by the furnace, can actually make us feel chillier. By adding humidity, we feel a bit warmer and don’t need to crank up the heating so high.

Higher humidity also alleviates many of the symptoms listed above. What’s more, it may even inhibit the transmission of viruses in the home to a degree.

How to Add More Humidity

Taking long showers and boiling water on the stove can improve humidity levels, as can buying a portable humidifier. The disadvantage of the latter is that you have to refill it with water and move it from room to room. The very best means of adding a precise amount of humidity that you can monitor and control is with a whole-house humidifier installed in your HVAC system.

Humidifiers are available in different modes of operation, but two of the main types to consider are the evaporative and the steam models.

Evaporative humidifiers are plumbed into your forced air heating system to provide vapor-type humidity. These models are less expensive and fairly economical to run.

Steam humidifiers boil water that evaporates into steam. The steam enters the air stream through a tube found in the duct. These humidifiers produce moisture without needing a forced-air furnace to operate.

Want to learn more about installing a humidifier? Contact Elite Air. We serve the Hamilton area of Central New Jersey.

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