Furnace Motor Efficiency Advancements

If you haven’t been able to get the energy savings you have come to expect from your furnace, you may need to start considering boosting its efficiency. Furnace motor efficiency has a large impact on the amount you spend on heating each month as well as how comfortable your furnace can make your home. A new furnace motor can help boost your furnace’s performance without you having to replace the entire heating system.

Older furnaces use AC motors that operate at one speed, full power. This makes them use a large amount of electricity, and they tend to kick on and off frequently, making a lot of racket. They are often referred to as permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors.

A relatively recent development in HVAC technology is the electronically commutated motor, or ECM. Variable-speed ECMs keep a constant air flow in your home in order to achieve the desired temperature. They adjust their speed according to the needs of your home and the unique characteristics of your HVAC system. For instance, if your air filter is dirty, the ECM will ramp up its speed to make sure that the same amount of air is flowing. This efficient, smooth operation uses a fraction of the electricity that a conventional, single-speed furnace blower uses. Plus, the fact that the variable-speed ECM runs nearly continuously allows for better air filtration and humidity control in your home. Finally, they run much quieter than conventional furnace blowers.

ECMs are also low maintenance. Because they don’t have to work as hard, the workload is reduced and they have fewer operational problems. They also use ball bearings that help them avoid problems created by too much friction.

Old furnaces can be retrofitted with a new ECM to boost their energy efficiency by as much as 30 percent. The initial cost may be expensive but the long-term savings they create can help offset this cost.

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